Hey Casa lovers!, you guys know that I only blog about DIY, organization and decor, but what you guys don’t know is that in May 2008, my then 2 year old boy Luis, was diagnosed with Autism and that day my life change for ever. This diagnosis broke my heart and I thought I was being punished by God. I felt guilty, betrayed, sad beyond words can describe. I truly felt god had let me down because I wanted to have a girl and the day I found out I was having a boy I felt sad, is not that I did not want to have a boy, because I did, but because I wanted to have a girl first. The moment that thought enter my head the day of the sonogram results, I asked God to forgive me and immediately was super happy about having a boy; but I always felt really bad about even having that moment with God.

I was WRONG, and God and I have made peace with this guilt because the pain of having my baby with this disorder was so grand that I had to have many conversations with God; conversations about forgiveness, about being thankful that this was only a disorder and not a incurable disease, conversations about healing my pain in order to help and heal my baby. Luis is now 9 years old and I believe with every part of my soul that he is 100% cured. He is very smart, loves Legos and reading. I am so blessed for having him exactly just they way he is. God, my faith, the love, help and support my husband, my mother and friends provided me was what got me through this painful time. I was determined to heal him and never gave up hope.

Today I can proudly say that if God would give me opportunity to decide if I could have Luis without autism I would say “No, thanks” without the shadow of any doubt; I would take my baby with it, because is who he is, Autism does not own my son. 

I have to thank my dear friend Elayna Fernandez, the PositiveMom for encouraging me to be a speaker on her amazing Inspiring Mom Bloggers Virtual Summit this coming January 5th 2015. I have known Elayna for so many years and I am so happy she has overcome so many obstacles in her life and I know that she is paying it forward by doing this wonderful summit. Without her encouragement, I would have never shared this sacred and private part of my life. Thanks Ela. 


We as speakers will be able to help and inspired other mothers that are going through similar situations in their lives and by being part of this summit, Elayna and the 22 amazing blogger moms, will be able to give hope, faith and courage by sharing our stories. The topics in the summit will be life balance, finances, single motherhood, postpartum depression, marriage, healing autism (my topic) overcoming abuse, homeschooling, miscarriage and so much more.


It’s a free summit and if you have a story that can help others, I encourage you to register. This movement can help and heal so many hearts that feel lost. To register go to  and to know more about these amazing moms please visit here. Trust me when I tell you that you will never regret being part of this summit. Follow the summit on twitter here #inspiringmombloggers or on our Facebook community.


4 thoughts on “MOMstuff

  1. Thank you, Narmy, for being willing to write your story, and to share it with other moms in the summit. I admire your honesty, your mindset, and the love you have for your little boys. I know your story will bless so many women and moms around the world and I’m happy God prompted me to choose you as a speaker. I love you!

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  3. I am so proud of my wife for taking the lead in everything that she has wanted to do in life. I support her all the way and will always be by her side all the time. We (men) complain about many things, but the jobs that mothers do in raising kids is amazing. My success, my luck, my strengths I owe first to god, then my family. Narmy, I am here to help you succeed in anything you need! – Luis Hernandez.

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