Beachy Sun Room Ideas in the Winter! ğŸ˜ŽğŸ•¶ğŸŒž

Hey my Casa lovers you may already know I come from the beautiful Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic and summer beach decor is abundant! and I wanted to just give you a few ideas on how you can decorate your home like this even if you live in places that are not as sunny like my country or as a beautiful Florida beachy sun room. For example, Florida residents can take advantage of this decor and get away with decorating around this time o like this and do not forget that a beachy look has to have blue!.This decor never goes out style and you can surely have summer pieces you can love and by the way…it’s never fun to give up the beach!. My sun room inspiration came from a website I fell in love with; and it’s from Douglas Elliman, a very prestiguos real estate company and I have to say that they have among the most beautifully decorated sun rooms I’ve seen and every single visit to this site is a delight click here so you can see it for yourself.

So what I did was create a home style board in order to show some of the decor ideas using pieces that will look amazing in a sun room.

1. If there’s one piece that you should splurge on is a  sofa and I must say you have to try it in order to know if is comfy. You should always go for a traditional and neutral sofa. I always tell this to people…take your time getting a good one!!. The beauty of this is that getting a neutral sofa gives you the flexibility to add color and decorate around it without worrying that it won’t look great.

2. I love the beach and I will always do and having a painting that reminds me of the ocean, it’s pure magic. A beautiful painting can make a huge difference in a room, it kind of transports to the painting.

3. & 11. Lamps, lamps, lamps, do I need to say it again?, lol. There’s no other accessory that compliments a space more than a good quality lamp. Never stick to one style, mix and match traditional and modern pieces just like these two lamps.

4. Everyone needs elements of metal in their  homes!. It’s classic, it’s elegant and it takes your sun room and any space to the next level of exquisite decor.

5. Getting a good area rug is a must for a any sun room. It’s kind of that missing piece of the puzzle that you want to complete. You can chose an outdoor or an indoor rug and either, it will look beyond amazing in any space.

6. Mirrors make spaces look bigger and it’s s also perfect for a sun room whether is small space or not because of how much light it will reflect with the sun coming in.

7. A comfortable accent chair especially like this one is a keeper; it looks like you brought it from your balcony or patio but you know what?, it’s fine! because it looks good!!!.

8. This ottoman/coffee table can be used inside the home or outside and I have to say it makes the place more cozy, more cohesive because you should always try to bring a bit of the outside inside and this piece does it.

9.  Pillows are a great way to elevate a sofa or chair to the chic and comfy level we all love. Always remember to mix and match pillows by having pattern ones and solid colors as well as the ones with writings on them like the one I’m showing here.

10. Finally, let’s talk curtains. Make sure your curtains are interesting and made with a a delicate good fabric. I mostly prefer pattern ones because they give the windows a juju (is that even a word?), a thing, a luxurious delicious touch every sun room or space lacks and always remember to hang the rod a few inches above the window frame, it makes the space looks taller.

Below there’s another style board for you to kind of see another way of using other combinations for a great and sophisticated look.


I hope you enjoyed my ideas on styling a cozy, comfy beachy sun room. Love you all and I’ll see you in the next post!.




DIY Lamp Makeover

So I think this is the easiest and quickest DIY I’ve done. It’s so simple to do but it makes a difference once is done and the best part is that is not permanent.
Thin ribbon of your choice
Fabric glue
Lamp shade, preferably plain color
The first thing you need to do is measure the width of your lamp shade. Cut the ribbon according to your measurements. Place the ribbon around the top part of the shade and use paper clips to secure it.
wpid-2015-03-14-18.58.26.jpg.jpeg* Make sure you place the ribbon just below the edge of the top. Next, glue only the part where your clips are, do not put glue in the lamp shade, ONLY in between the inside of the ribbon. Do this also at the bottom of the shade as well.
wpid-2015-03-14-18.57.44.jpg.jpeg* Secure both parts that were glued with these type of clips.
image..and it couldn’t have been easier!, but look how elegant it looks. Since the ribbon is only glued at the end and inside the ribbon only, you can easily remove the ribbon and change it up and keep your used ribbon as well. To reuse, cut only the glued parts and your ribbon can be used again for other purposes.

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Decorating with Bold Colors and Patterns

Heyyy there Casa lovers!. Decorating with bold colors and different patterns can be scary because we usually don’t know what goes with what and in my experience I truly believe that if YOU like it then it’s perfect; it’s all about personal taste preference. In my case, my favorite color is green but I don’t like using green to decorate. Many people decorate their home with “what’s in season”, they see it on magazines and on TV and think that is the way to go. But the truth of the matter is that decorating your home takes time and you have to do it with pieces that you love, you set the rules, do not follow trends, do it with what you love. Having a vision board just like designers helps a lot because it allows you to take pictures of the things you like and putting them in a board inspires you to keep trying to make your house a home.In this post I will show you how I combined different patterns and a bold yellow color in my kitchen.


This is my small “island/command center” cart and in here you can see different black/white patterns; stripes, chevron, zig zags, etc. Inside the yellow box I have all my napkins, towels, table runners, cloths, among other linens. The chevron container above the box is a wire basket that has a Khaki fabric cover but I took 2 folders and used them to cover each side of the basket. 



This wall art is simply a TJ Maxx .99 cents shopping bag taped in the back of the painting.



Gray, black and white chevron mat by the sink. Its actually a bathroom mat!, so comfy lol.


This is my dining table, it seats 6 and real amazing wood. We got this for $350!!!, a major steal!!!!. I always have cookies on a cookie jar. The centerpiece is a cupcake stand but I also use it to hold tomatoes, lemons & bananas, it was $4 at a thrift store. The table runner is from IKEA.  I have a big kitchen and this table fits perfect in it.


You have seen this “wall art” on previous posts and this is why I love having this open frame with an IKEA shelf, because I can change it up. This is the wall to the right side of my dining table. 

Gallery Wall on a Budget

I can not have just photos on my walls, I try to make my walls as fun and versatile as I can. For example, when my eldest makes me a drawing or a hand written note I frame them or hang them. For me that is art for sure and most importantly, it makes him feel super special to see his art displayed around our home.
See below some of my wall decor.


To hold my son’s drawings I hanged a clipboard on the wall.


This one is an opened back frame with two folders and wire to hang items. I also put cardboard on the back of the folders to be able to use punching pins.




This is a reduced copy of an autographed Nate Berkus book. I also like to hang photos with fabric ribbons.


I love bridges, don’t know why, especially the Brooklyn bridge. I took this picture a few years ago.



I found this shadow box without the glass which was good for me and paid $2 for it at TJ Maxx…of course!
1. The key to our first apartment, lol.
2.  Card stock paper with both my son’s birth times.
3. A bracelet my eldest made when he was 3.
4. A momentum from my son’s pre k graduation.
5. A note with the first time my son wrote I love you  to me.
6. A pin from my favorite HS teacher.

As you can see you don’t need much to start a meaningful wall gallery. Just gather your items and photos and start playing with them. I got most my frames from Ikea.

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Dining Room Table Centerpieces DIY

Hi Casa lovers!. One of my dear friends asked me recently if I could help her with an idea for her dining room table and I took pieces from home to make several options. I came up with 11 and I wanted to share them with you. They are numbered so I can give you more details on them.

Note: I love fresh flowers but to keep them fresh can be a bit of a hassle, so I bought faux ones at Michael’s, several hydrangeas and one orchid.


Important: You want to always have a table runner; in this case I wanted a white one but could not find it, so I bought a white kitchen curtain panel, folded it in half and taped it with fabric tape.

1. Wood tray that I painted grey / polka dots gift wrapping paper / a cooking book (you can get a color book that goes with your kitchen decor)/ a candle / a faux hydrangea on a drink shaker.

2. Two hurricanes with candles /  a photo frame with gift wrapping paper / same hydrangea as #1 (whenever you have more than one item that is the same, group them, it will give the decor a more cohesive and elegant look).

3. A silver tray / a faux mercury glass vase with another hydrangea (you can easy see tons of these type of vases at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s).

4. Big cutting board / candles /  a large round vase with a faux orchid plant.


5. Grey tray covered with stripped fabric / a red kitchen utensils holder with a hydrangea / a silver napkins holder.

6. Two emptied and cleaned wine bottles with a decorative tape line on the grey tray.

7.  Grey tray / a silver hot food holder / a faux mercury glass tall vase with two hydrangeas.

8. Same vase as #7 /  DIY photo frame with candles


9. A DIY cake stand (I will do a post on a how to soon, lol!) / some of our own opened  with corks / candles.

10.  Grey tray with gifted wrapped / two vases with hydrangeas.

11.  Grey tray / three vases with hydrangeas.