Makeup Brushes

About ten years ago I saw a professional makeup artist apply makeup to a client, but I was overwhelmed with the amount of brushes she used on her customer; I kept saying to myself  “does she really need all those brushes?“. Now I know that yes, we may not need 40 different types, but we do need the essentials ones. These are mine and trust me, I truly believe these are a great start kit to own. Advice: make sure to read the reviews before you purchase them, I’ve learned over the years that when it comes to makeup brushes quality is important.



I am in love with these lovely blushes; great pigmentation and amazing prices! Physicians Formula and NYX.


What it’s in my work beauty bag?



I have this Kipling beauty bag inside my purse and is a very basic, only what I need Mon-Fri kit. During my work days I like a very natural, neutral look. Here is the list of the products:

* Clinique mini blush/eye shadow palette in 14 Strawberry Fudge eye shadow duo and 15 smoldering plum blush

*  Revlon ColorStay  foundation in 330 Natural Tan

* NYX Blush in Mocha

* Revlon lip gloss in 260 Rosy Future

* NYX lipstick in 529 (it’s kind of like a mocha color)

* Elizabeth Arden lip liner in Taupe

* Aristry bronzer/blush duo

* NYX setting spray in Dewy Finish

* Cala bronzer/powder brush

* Elf blush/blush brush



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