My 2017 Favorite Things!!!

Hey Casa loversssssss!!. This year’s list is more of a last minute gift guide of the stuff I think will be easy to get quicker than most.

There were so many things to choose from but I kept it simple this year so let’s get right to it.

Bad girl Riri has killed it with her beauty line Fenty. I mean come on the formula is just fantastic and I think the prices are fair.


My love Ellen Degeneres has the most amazing stuff!!!!. Last year was her book and this year she launched many home items…. they are to die for!


Can you believe these are at TJ Maxx!!!!!….like really….how amazing is this.

Have no clue what to give???? Well give a already wrapped basket ready!

These balls are great. You can get a cute basket at Michael’s and add a few of these along with some good creams, fluffy socks, a cute bath robe and some delicious soaps. Great gift.

These are so abundant at TJ Maxx. These are truly last minute amazing gift.

I loveeeee this brand!!!!!!!. It makes a wonderful gift already packed for you. This brand never disappoints.

These are so trendy now and the prices are just right. It’s a much needed gift for our homes.

Come onnnnn how original are theseeee puppies/kitties presents!!!!!. You can’t forget about their present!

Karaoke anyone???. No more holding the mic….get one of this and have the full singing effect with this stand!!!!

Ms. Kylie Jenner did a really good job with her Naughty and Nice Xmas collection.

I will love a basket full of spices!!!. These are $2.99 piece!.

And finally as every year I leave my fave best for last which is always a book. Believe me when I tell you that you need this book in your life. Its truly life changing. My darling Oprah did it again!!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Years full of love, full of great people, great laughing moments along with good food!.

Xoxo, Narmy


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