My 2016 Favorite Things Gifts Guide!

Another year, another list of of my favesssss, so less writing and more showing!!!!

This is the year for Kylie Cosmetics, she did a great job creating her line, the formula her cosmetics have is really worth the money you will pay. Well done Kylie!

I do not know any man that would not appreciate this gift!!!


I love to have different types of wines at home and why not dressing them up!!. These can be found also at the Dollar Tree for $1!!!


From one Harry Potter fan I have to say that this book is one of J.K. Rowling best books and the movie is by far one of her best!


I’m in love with this!!, how gorgeeee and practical!. This can be found at Crate and Barrel.


Another caddy, lol. I think this is such a great way in presenting beer or drinks and the fact that it has a opener makes it better!


I love anything Kate Spade; her housewares collection are just so elegant and beautiful.


I need one of this for my hubby!. This device can help you locate keys and phones!


Of course I had to add Star Wars, another year for them with their new movie Rogue One. Anything from Star Wars will make an amazing gift to a true fan.


Can you guess what these are?… all these lovely bottles have men boxers inside!!, how creative and great!. I found them at Target.


Of course I will put on my list my darling Nate Berkus. These plates need to be at my house!!.


Arthur George has a super cool selection of socks!, I just love how creative they are and the fact that they have baby socks too!.


Table top games for those who will actually use them are also great gifts.


I have one these purses with phone chargers integrated!. I gave my sister one, I gave my son’s teacher one, should I say more!!, Love theseeeeee, well done Adrienne Vittadini.


I am a dog/cat lover at heart!!!, how cute are these!!!!!


My husband and I love to play games and I really think that these are fantastic for people that enjoy playing games with friends and family.


Don’t you just love seeing all the things that are made of cooper!!!. I love my Moscow mule cups!.


Give me cookbooks!, these four are filled with delicious and easy to make.



These are simply just wonderful gifts for children. Brain Quest makes them think, learn and you feel good that among their presents you included an educational one and not an electronic one!


Coffee table books please!!!. These type of books are great conversation starters and look super elegant on you coffee table.





Anything from the Ellen Degeneres collection makes a great gift. Her design vision is beyond wonderful and the fact that she is adding words like as kindness and love is a constant reminder of how we humans should act in this world.


And… personal choice for books this year are these: King Paulo Coelho ‘s The Spy and Queen Oprah’s Food, Health and Happiness.

I hope you liked my list and from the bottom of my heart I want to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and New Years with you loved ones. Enjoy you family, hug them, tell them you love them every day!.









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