My 2015 Favorite Things Gifts Guide!

Another year is leaving us my Casa lovers and this means Christmas shopping time!. I wanted to share with you my 2015 favorite things list.. just in case you are not done with your shopping, this can help. I hope my list can help you figure out some last minute gifts or your actual list. Love you all, thanks for stopping by.


This is the year of Stars Wars so why not give a present about the most famous movie of the last few years.


I saw these at TJ Maxx and it’s just beautiful, elegant and it will make a fantastic gift.


This is an edible gift. Panettone is an Italian bread that is just yumm. Perfection in a box.


Let’s talk winter!, this fluffy socks and shoes are a great gift for any loved one of yours that lives in a winter state. Also any foot massage kit is always a good idea!.


I loveeee throws, I can’t get enough of them. This is another winter gift.


Coffee lovers that own a Keurig machine will be thrilled to get refills. Marshall’s has tons of these and of course, at a great price.


Another edible gift. If you don’t have time to actually make a gift like this, don’t worry, many stores carry these. Tip: If you decide to give a cookie mix, add a cookie sheet along with mini ice cream scoop for easy pouring. If the mix is a muffin one, add a muffin baking tin. Put them inside a cute basket that you can find at Michael’s and trust me, it will make the recipient very happy!.


Bar utensils are always a hit. Tip: give these items along with a set of two Martini glasses and a few drinks recipes.


Oh yes, I could not leave my darling Nate Berkus out!. These amazing bowls are so exquisite and they will be a wonderful gift.


You can never go wrong when giving a scarf.


I love mugs!!! they always make a great last minute present!


A robe makes the most comfortable gift ever!!!


Get one or more of these but put them in a cute box!


Jewelry holders come in handy at all the times for us ladies!.


Monogrammed coasters will be a good gift for guys and ladies that have a home bar!


These are sooo cuteeeee. Men will make good use of it by storing their toiletries when traveling.


Food lovers like me will appreciate any of these. Tip: give these in a super cute basket. You can do different kinds of baskets depending on what your loved likes.


I saw these at Marshall’s and I thought it was great!. Tea that comes in these cute tubes!!, how cool for a tea lover.


Don’t forget that gift cards are a big help when you don’t know what to give!


Pajamas!!!, in my opinion make a super duper present!


Backpacks are a super needed present for men!. These are from TJ Maxx and are very sturdy, spacious, good quality and great for traveling as well as to hold a laptop.


How adorable and vintage looking are these!!!! I want them all!!


Of course books are on my list!!!. I read a lot and anything from author Mitch Albom is always welcome in my book heart!


Saved the best for last!. I love Ellen Degeneres, I think she has the most amazing heart and when I saw this book I had to have it! Written by her and she shares her love for design and antiques and boy! does she have exquisite taste!

Casa lovers, thanks for the love and support. Have a lovely, happy christmas with your loved ones!!!




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