My In-Flight Traveling Essentials

Hey there my Casa lovers!. I have been traveling since I was 11 years old, so I know about a thing or two about how to travel light and stress free. I wanted to share with you my in-flight must haves, because it’s a ritual for me whether I travel.

Airplanes can be very dry and taking care of yourself during a flight is important, especially caring for your face; I never wear makeup on the plane and always try to keep myself as hydrated as possible. Below are my must haves that I keep on my designated plane purse/bag that I take on every flight, this way they are in place and ready when I travel.


1. Travel pillow: I can not travel without one!. When I used to travel alone, I made sure I secured a window seat, but not because of the actual window but to be able to sleep comfortable using my lovely pillow and have some type of support during my sleep.

2. Medication: I’ve suffered from migraines for over 25 years and I always have Motrin or any migraine pill that I may need and of course when I travel I must have it, you never know. It’s always best that you have your medication with you, never put it in your checked bag.

3. Wipes: I love using these YES to Carrots face wipes when I travel, along with regular wipes. I am one to actually wipe the seat table because I don’t know if you know, but planes are not sanitized as often as one would want.

4.Snacks: I can not travel without extra snacks, although some airlines give you some, I like to bring my own. I do the same for my kids. I usually have peanuts or walnuts and the kids faves.

5. Fluffy socks: I have being traveling with fuzzy socks for many years. I use flats shoes or slip ons on planes but once I get inside the plane, I wear these to keep my feet cozy, warm and away from the the airplane’s dry air.

6. Hand Sanitizer: never leave home without it and ALWAYS have it for traveling.

7. Lip Balm: like I mentioned above, I never put makeup while on an airplane and of course no lipstick either. I only wear on planes the SUGAR Lip Treatment and I love it!!!, it keeps my lips sooo moist, it kind of gives them like a spa treatment without the actual spa!. I get my makeup done once I’m out of the aircraft.

8. Hand cream: I’m so picky when it comes to hand cream. This Bliss hand cream is the one I use only for airplanes; I feel it gets the job done and keeps my hand super silky while onboard.

9. Gum/Listerine Strips: I always have these and gum on the plane. The gum is the key for the horrible ear pressure one feels on planes. I also bring my toothbrush and toothpaste as well.

10. Face Mist: I learned about this when I was about 20 years old; I was traveling to Florida and this French lady was seating next to me and I saw her spray mist on her face a few times so I asked her about it and she told that Evian Mineral Water is amazing for those dry airplane moments and I got to tell you, since then I always have one for traveling. I spray my face a few times and it feels fantastic.

11. Good moisturizer: I only use CLINIQUE Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief while on the plane. It’s simply phenomenal and along with the Evian Face Mist it keeps me moisturized the entire flight.

12. Water: you must keep yourself hydrated along the flight for sure.

Other items I bring: a cardigan or wear a long sleeve blouse in case I get cold on board, a book or magazines, earphones, sunglasses (to block any light when I sleep). I also always tie my hair in a messy bun because hair also gets dry on planes. I usually put a good shine product on it to keep it hydrated.

As you can see, it’s very minimal stuff, they fit perfectly in a shoulder bag or purse. Give yourself some love when traveling.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you on the next one!


6 thoughts on “My In-Flight Traveling Essentials

  1. I would have NEVER thought of the socks. That’s a great idea. I’m usually cold on the plane. Socks would be warm and some weird way comforting. Great idea!

  2. I love the idea of the fluffy socks and the slip on shoes! So often I forget about needing to take my shoes off at security and need to waste time untying and tying my shoes. I agree with water, and my tip is to take a reusable water bottle along. I empty it before I go through security and find the first water fountain after I get through. That way I never have to throw a water bottle away and I always have a full bottle for my flight. Great list!

  3. I love seeing what people keep in their bags and this is great. I first got one of those Evian sprays years ago and used it during the summer to keep me cool – they are very good and using it on a plane makes a lot of sense! My feet are almost permanently cold so I do need to remember a pair of fluffy socks next time I’m on a flight.

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