DIY Lamp Makeover

So I think this is the easiest and quickest DIY I’ve done. It’s so simple to do but it makes a difference once is done and the best part is that is not permanent.
Thin ribbon of your choice
Fabric glue
Lamp shade, preferably plain color
The first thing you need to do is measure the width of your lamp shade. Cut the ribbon according to your measurements. Place the ribbon around the top part of the shade and use paper clips to secure it.
wpid-2015-03-14-18.58.26.jpg.jpeg* Make sure you place the ribbon just below the edge of the top. Next, glue only the part where your clips are, do not put glue in the lamp shade, ONLY in between the inside of the ribbon. Do this also at the bottom of the shade as well.
wpid-2015-03-14-18.57.44.jpg.jpeg* Secure both parts that were glued with these type of clips.
image..and it couldn’t have been easier!, but look how elegant it looks. Since the ribbon is only glued at the end and inside the ribbon only, you can easily remove the ribbon and change it up and keep your used ribbon as well. To reuse, cut only the glued parts and your ribbon can be used again for other purposes.

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