DIY: Christmas Gold Glitter Deer Silhouette

Hey guys!. I wanted to share with you another one of my crazy crafty ideas. This is one is sooooo easy but it comes out so cute and it’s even more fun when you get your kids involved to help.


Card stock printer paper in white


Gold glitter

Glue stick

Deer silhouette cut out (print it in 5×6)



Get a deer head silhouette, print it and cut it nicely. Get a black and white stripes background online (I did it in a Chevron pattern) and print it in your card stock


Once your deer is cut, glue the black part into your paper because the white part is where you are going to put the glitter on


Take the deer and measure it exactly in the middle of the paper and very carefully put more glue only in the deer. Make sure you do not put any glue on the card stock paper because then you will have glitter on the pattern and you don’t want that


Pour the glitter all over the silhouette and let it dry over night


…and this is how it looks!; doesn’t it look beautiful!!, instant Christmas art.


One thought on “DIY: Christmas Gold Glitter Deer Silhouette

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