My Favorite Things Gift Guide 2014!

I try to give good gifts whenever I can and by good I don’t mean super expensive, but things the receiver will love . I take the other person’s taste and likes very seriously in order to get them a gift they will love. Now, this guide, I think, will help you with the I-don’t-know-what-to-buy-dilemma. These gifts are not only for the holidays but for any occasion. They are winners for sure, and are among my favorite things. Check them all below!


This is a men’s valet tray and it always come in handy because the men in our lives are not as neat as we are and are always looking for their stuff!! and this gift will keep all their stuff in one place.


Pottery Barn has these traveling goodies and it’s a great gift for us girls! It’s practical and of course beautiful.


My lovely Nate Berkus has this amazing!!!!! dinnerware set and I can’t wait to get it for me!. This set has the perfect color combination because you can mix and match this set with every color in the book! and I’m sure it will look gorge!


Philosophy is an amazing skin care line and always smells fantastic. You can buy them at TJ Maxx and Marshall’s for so much less. It’s worth every penny.


I have bought this fragrance for my husband twice and I have to say that this fragrance is beyond exquisite, it smells phenomenal, you will be smelling your loved one all day long!


Everyone that knows me knows I love handbags but once you have kids your priorities change but I think Michael Kors and Diane Von Furstenberg make bags that are here to stay!. These two are beautiful, elegant and timeless. Remember that just because a bag is blue or another color does not mean you have to pair it with the same color shoes or outfit, play with different colors outfits. Mix and match!


I am not a sweets lover but when I do I prefer these. These make great stockings stuffers


This beautiful piece can be found at Target and I have to say that in my opinion it will never go out of style. It can be worn with jeans, leggings, skirts, flats, heels, boots, etc and every time it will look as elegant as we want to look.


You can never go wrong by giving these babies!. The brand is great and the colors are to die for!


Again, my darling Nate Berkus. These dessert plates have great quality and are fantastic, the pattern is just waoooo!!. Remember that your dishes don’t have to match. Mixing them will give your table an interesting, personalized and original look.


A great all-in-one makeup essentials present. You will not go wrong with this, but hurry to Sephora because it’s a limited edition from Urban Decay Cosmetics.


I am a cupcake making lover and these are a great gift for someone that loves to bake.


Glasses always come in handy and when they look as sophisticated and expensive as these (but they are not!), it’s even better. I saw tons of these at HomeGoods and each is $3.99!!


These notepads are a great gift for someone that loves to write and for teachers. These are super cheap at TJ Maxx and Marshall’s.


This book I saw at H&M and I loved it. It’s a collection of the all the designers that have done pieces for H&M and let me tell you, this book will look great on a coffee table with a lovely vase of fresh roses.


Giving a book to someone with the history of the place they live in to me is priceless. Of course giving a book is always a great idea but these type of books have lots of information we probably don’t know about the city we live and just like the H&M designers book, this one also will look great integrated into your home decor. I can’t say it enough, decorate with your own books!


We lovely ladies will appreciate a glass jewelry box as lovely as these ones. These can be found at TJ Maxx, Marshall’s and HomeGoods.


I love anything and everything Cole Haan, so if you see men shoes, handbags, belts, glasses, you name it, buy it!. I have a pair of shoes and they feel like butter, so smooth.


You will never go wrong with a Bulova watch either for a man or for a lovely lady. It’s classic elegance.


Forget which jeans are in season for your boyfriend or hubbie, get Levi’s, and the 501 always look great with a jacket and shoes, with a t-shirt, a polo shirt, a regular shirt, sneakers, flip flops, etc. This jeans will never go out of style. Great material, great look.


I am super picky with the perfumes I get and for this reason, it’s my personal opinion that if you do not know what fragrance to get for your lady, these are a winner. These 3 are the only ones I use.


Yes!!!, shirts!!. I have to say that Mr. Michael Kors has made me loyal on men shirts. These shirts are the only ones my husband wears and trust me!, they feel like butter!!!. The quality is beyond amazing. Macy’s has them for less then $85 a piece but every single time the store has specials, these babies are too!


I love Xo, G wine!!!. This gift is a true favorite on my list. These are 4 shatterproof wine glasses wrapped in one.  They come in Rose, Pinot Grigio, and Pinot Noir and also comes in a mix option. This makes a fantastic gift.


There is nothing more special than a personalized present. These are Pottery Barn frames that can be monogrammed. A few years ago my husband and I went out to dinner with my boss and her husband and they took a picture of us and I of them; I kept the picture, bought this frame, put the photo inside and monogrammed it. They truly loved their present.


One home can never have too many towels and my favorite brand is Hotel Collection. Macy’s has them but I get mine from my darlings TJ Maxx, Marshall’s and HomeGoods.


Bath & Body Works has tons of fragrances but in my opinion these two are just delicious, sophisticated and elegant and they will never fail your scent buds.


The quality that Kate Space New York has is one of the best. Her wallets are great and spacious.


Kipling may be one of my favorite brands ever. This is my actual wallet and it’s so spacious; inside besides the usual I always have: a glasses fixing kit, gum, chaptstick, lip gloss, small mirror, coupons and my S4 that by the way, has a kids proof phone case that it’s huge!. Their backpacks are amazing, love, love them!


…and I saved the best for last. I love to read, I read all the time and I have to say that in my 37 years I have never read anything as beautiful, as rewarding, as AHA moments as this book. This is a must buy, you will not be disappointed with this purchase. I bought it for myself and it has been the best present I’ve given myself.

I hope you like my favorite things list. Remember to give to others with love and to give to those that have less with more love.

Love you!


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