DIY: Thanksgiving Decor

As you all know, this is my favorite time of the year!!!!!!. Thanksgiving is around the corner and this is my first post about DIY/Holiday Home Decor.


Details & Materials:

– Chalk paper. I got mines from JoAnn’s, it comes in a pack of 20. Love these, so much you can do with them.

– Ribbon color of you choice

– Chalkboard permanent marker

– Hole puncher

– Chalk color of your choice, I used white


Draw and cut a template for your banner design of your choice in plain construction paper, if you don’t have construction paper use cardboard, cardstock or regular paper and simply hold it in place with a clip . Once you have your shape, place it on top of the chalk paper and cut away!. With the permanent marker, draw around the edges of the cut shape, it does not have to look perfect, I think that imperfections on DIYing are beautiful because YOU DID THEM and it makes them unique.
Finally, take the hole puncher and make holes to insert the ribbon and that is it!.I made lots of these babies in order to write names, happy birthday or any other event.


I added a printable to the frame, along with scented pine cones and a wood “Happy Thanksgiving” sign that I bought for $2.00 at TJ Maxx. Tip: go to TJ Maxx, Marshalls or Target a few days after any holiday and you will be blown away on how cheap the prices are because the holiday is over with sales up to 80%!!.



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