Linens Closet

As you all know, I live in NY and this lovely city is known for it’s lack of square footage, but I have been blessed and lucky enough to live in an apartment that has lots of space and of course I wanted to share with my lovely Casa lovers how it looks. Enjoy!

wpid-2014-09-11-10.35.04.jpg.jpegThis closet is in the livingroom and it has five shelves. I like to tie my sheets with a cute ribbon, I’ve seen people that takes a pillow case and inserts the bed sheet set inside, but for some reason I like this way better. I also like to fold my towels like they do them at Macy’s, lol.


All my seasonal placemats and table runners are inside this wire basket, $6.99, of course @ TJ Maxx!. All other regular ones are in my kitchen, inside a cute yellow box (as shown on a previous post).


Here are the seasonal tablecloths. I like to roll them to be able to store more.


From left to right: This is a regular box with decorative tape around to make it look cute and it hold all my boys baby blankets (yes I still  have them!).  The middle pile is a bed sheet set plastic (I always keep them for storage, or to use to store clothes inside our suitcases) and it holds all our beach towels. I hope you enjoyed this mini-tour and I also hope you can get inspired to keep improving you home organization.

‘Till next post!.

Love you all, xoxo



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