Decorating with Bold Colors and Patterns

Heyyy there Casa lovers!. Decorating with bold colors and different patterns can be scary because we usually don’t know what goes with what and in my experience I truly believe that if YOU like it then it’s perfect; it’s all about personal taste preference. In my case, my favorite color is green but I don’t like using green to decorate. Many people decorate their home with “what’s in season”, they see it on magazines and on TV and think that is the way to go. But the truth of the matter is that decorating your home takes time and you have to do it with pieces that you love, you set the rules, do not follow trends, do it with what you love. Having a vision board just like designers helps a lot because it allows you to take pictures of the things you like and putting them in a board inspires you to keep trying to make your house a home.In this post I will show you how I combined different patterns and a bold yellow color in my kitchen.


This is my small “island/command center” cart and in here you can see different black/white patterns; stripes, chevron, zig zags, etc. Inside the yellow box I have all my napkins, towels, table runners, cloths, among other linens. The chevron container above the box is a wire basket that has a Khaki fabric cover but I took 2 folders and used them to cover each side of the basket. 



This wall art is simply a TJ Maxx .99 cents shopping bag taped in the back of the painting.



Gray, black and white chevron mat by the sink. Its actually a bathroom mat!, so comfy lol.


This is my dining table, it seats 6 and real amazing wood. We got this for $350!!!, a major steal!!!!. I always have cookies on a cookie jar. The centerpiece is a cupcake stand but I also use it to hold tomatoes, lemons & bananas, it was $4 at a thrift store. The table runner is from IKEA.  I have a big kitchen and this table fits perfect in it.


You have seen this “wall art” on previous posts and this is why I love having this open frame with an IKEA shelf, because I can change it up. This is the wall to the right side of my dining table. 


53 thoughts on “Decorating with Bold Colors and Patterns

  1. Wow! I love how to decorated your place pretty well – simple but very attractive. I’m a color yellow lover so I totally love your decorations for this. I agree with you, people should stop designing their homes or rooms like the ones in trend or the ones they see from the magazine. Your home is like yourself. Be true to yourself…. be true to your home. Decorate it according to who you are or what you want and not just because it’s what is trending.

    This post made me want to re-decorate ours. Hehe.

  2. I love yellow. My old kitchen was yellow and bright it was great. I’m not big on matching linens, curtains, pillows and shams. My dishes don’t even match and that’s ok with me, it keeps it interesting.

  3. Visiting IKEA used to be my favourite past-time, because I can dream about my dream house and how I will want it to be in future. I bet it was nice decorating your space in the way you want it.

  4. I have to admire these different patters yet they clicked so much. Or maybe I’m more fond of such motifs, especially the black-and-white? But anyway, the yellow in additional made it even visible and lively for me.

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