Back to basics: Kitchen Gadgets

Hey there lovely casa lovers!, this post is a must!, it’s all about kitchen gadgets. Yes it’s true, our grandmothers did not have the amazing fortune to have the gadgets that are around today and I’m SURE that it they would have been available they would have gotten them. The reason I believe that is because a lot of these gadgets make our cooking time faster and more practical and hey!, who would not want that in the busy world we live in. These gadgets are the ones I own and I wanted to share them with you!.


 You’re probably looking at this list and thinking..only 2 knives!, not possible!. but really, do you really need all those extra knives?.



I use the wooden spoons more than the metal ones, and the reason is simple, they protect your pans more for sure.


I only own these two knives, a serrated one and an all purpose one, but of course, I know it’s a preference thing. Every time I see the whole set on the counter top of some’s home I get nervous, why would you put them there?, I store these bad boys inside a you-kind-of-need-a-stool-to-get-up-there cabinet… awayyyyyy from my boys’ reach.



Tip: just because a gadget says is for one thing only does not mean you can not improvise. I use my ice creams scoops to measure my cupcake batter and the microplane zester I use it to grate garlic.



Remember, you don’t have to get these right away, I  would really recommend you to get the right brands,the durable ones. It’s not worth it to get these at once if they are going to break in a month. I’ve had all these for over 5 years and I got them all from differents stores in a period of a year, because I wanted to get the best ones for my money; I’m all about saving and being on a budget but there are exceptions and this is one of them. I hope you enjoy this post!


5 thoughts on “Back to basics: Kitchen Gadgets

  1. I finally got a garlic press and lemon juicer! You’re so right … the right tools make working in the kitchen so much easier!

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