DIY: How to Make a Stand/Cupcake Stand

Hey there Casa lovers!, fall is here!!!!!, I love this part of the year, I love the festivities it brings and also how amazing the kitchen smells when one bakes fall desserts!…now, back to the post!; below you will find how easy it is to make your own cake or cupcake stands. I don’t only use them for food, I use them for other purposes as you will see below. You can also get paint spray {get the one that is primer+paint in one} and paint them all of the same color as well. Enjoy!


* Inexpensive plates, glasses or candle holders of your choice

* E-6000 glue


All these are from the Goodwill and they cost me .49 cents a piece


After you wash your items well, dry them and rub alcohol in the middle part of the plates and the rims bottom part of the glasses.  What you will do with this is that you will kind of clean completely the areas you are going to glue.

wpid-2014-10-02-14.11.07.jpg.jpegOnce the alcohol is dry, glue the bottom rims of the glass and make sure you glue it exactly in the middle of the plate.


Once is glued, place something a bit heavy (not so much that can break the glass, lol) on top of it, just to give it some weight as it dries.  Let it dry for at least a day.




You can use them for makeup, hair thingies, perfumes, body creams, food, you name it, anything you like will look great on these.



These are others I made, I also have Christmas ones. In the white one I used a coffee cup that had letters on it but you can easily remove them using Go Gone. It will wipe it off perfectly.


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