Back to School: DIY Chalk Pencils

By now you guys probably noticed I love chalk paint!, but I wanted to share this neat idea with you!. I always put cute post its inside my son’s lunch box but I wanted to do something extra special to remind him how loved he is!, so I took some of his school pencils, painted them with chalk paint and wrote him cute things on them, such as “you are kind”, ” always be honest”, “you are so smart”, ” you can do IT”, “always remember I ♡ you”, “if you get upset..just breath”, etc. I feel it helps our  kids stay motivated and loved while in school.


* Chalk paint (the one in the photo is from Target, it cost me $3 bucks only!)

*  No. 2 pencils

*  brush

* permanent chalk marker (go mine from Walmart)

* painter’s tape



Tape the eraser side of the pencil. Paint the pencil and let it dry for about an hour. You only need one coat brushed correctly. Once is completely dry, just take you marker and start writing!




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