Chopping Saves lots of Time!

Hey there my lovely Casa lovers!. I have been chopping/freezing veggies and fruits for a long time and let me tell you it saves so much time and yes, all of us moms know that having kids, a career, a husband can be at times too much so I try to cut my cooking and prepping time as much as I can. When I come from the market I clean and chop them all right away. See an older post on freezing fruits howtofreezeberries and I really believe it helps on meal planning as well.


I write on the bag which meal each bag is for.


These are for smoothies (with spinach)


These are for chicken soup: celery, cilantro, carrots, culantro (I hope this is the right way to say it)


When you get the grapes, wash them well, let them air dry inside a colander and then bag them


 I store them in the door side of my freezer and when you place them this way, you can fit many bags. If I get more later on, I put the oldest bags in the front.


8 thoughts on “Chopping Saves lots of Time!

  1. You can freeze spinach?! Holy Cow! Why didn’t I think of that … There’s a boatload going bad in the fridge right now ….

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