DIY: Magnetic/Chalkboard

This is one of my most favorite things at home. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money so I decided to do it myself. This started because I was one to have on my fridge door pictures, magnets, coupons, receipts, appointments, shopping list, you name it and I didn’t like it, I really did not, so this was my way of fixing my fridge clutter.

– dry erased board
– chalkboard paint
– painter’s tape
– paint brush
– sand paper

Lightly sand the dry erased board, wipe clean. Put the tape and cover the frame of the board. After the board has no cleaning residue, start painting. You will need 2 to 3 coats, depending on the size of the dry erased board. Mine is 24×36 inches and required 3 coats. Make sure you allow at least 1 hour to dry between coats.
imageI bought this chalk holder at JoAnn’s, this way my boys and I can easily hold the chalk and it came with a magnet,lucky me!.

This tiny eraser I got from the Lakeshore Learning store and I had a plain magnet, so I simply glued it to the back of the eraser.
I keep all my chalk in this magnetic silicone container.
This is the way it looks and it worked perfectly. Now I keep my fridge door bare and my chalk/magnetic board holds a bunch of stuff!, including my shopping list. This cost me only the $4.00 for the paint because I got my board for free!.

Important: don’t use color chalk right away, use white for a couple of weeks . The white chalk is softer and better to write with than the colored ones.

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