Back to School: Keeping Kids Organized

Hey there Casa lovers!, another back to school post. My eldest is a fourth grader and that means lots of homework! so I wanted to share with you how I keep his homework supplies and other ideas that may help with their homework and keep them organized as well. If our kids see that everything has a home I think is a great start to show them how to be organized at an early age. Enjoy♡♡


This is where I keep all the supplies for easy access. The two blue containers are from the Dollar store.


I still don’t know what this plastic organizer’s real use was for; It looks like a business card holder/stand. I got it for .25 cents at the   Goodwill.




I have their books separated. My 8 year old loves Diary of a Wimpy Kid. (Go to the bday parties section of my blog to see my DIY party crafts).


This is a shoe box and every time he reads a borrowed library book , he knows it goes here.


This dry erased board was my husband’s idea and it has worked out great for homework time.


This is posted in my son’s room, right over his uniform hanging station. I hope you liked these ideas, it has certainly worked for us.

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