Let’s Talk Pre Cut Fruit!

My boys love fruit! and I have to have it at home at all times but I don’t buy pre-cut fruit and the thing about it as that when you buy it this way most of the time contains bacteria.  First, you don’t’ know who cut it, second, you don’t know if a cleaned-only-for-fruit knife was used and last,  it’s more expensive. Once you get the fruits from the market, wash them and place them in containers for easy kid friendly access; I use plastic cups with lids. wpid-2014-08-26-09.03.39.jpg.jpeg



I found this clear container at a Dollar Tree that has a handle and it’s so easy to get to and of course, keeps the fruits organized.


6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Pre Cut Fruit!

  1. Hi Narmy!
    Do you reuse those plastic cups and lids? Just wondering because I’d do this idea but with something reusable, like Tupperware, or durable glass containers that could go in the dishwasher. (The “greenie” in me is talking. 🙂 )

  2. Hey Narmy!

    I agree with you on all counts. Plus, it’s fun to peel, skin or cut into a fresh piece of fruit and – as you stated – way cheaper. I would include pre-cut veggies in this scenario as well!

    Thanks for the heads up and take care.

    All the best.


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