Keep your Pantry in Check!

I try to keep my pantry as organized and neat as possible. I wanted to share with you some of my  own simple pantry organization ideas. Enjoy!


As you may have seen on a previous post, I don’t like having my pasta in boxes, but I buy with coupons so I have to have some in boxes. I store them in glass containers, not a fan of plastic. I used to label my jars with chalk but not anymore, I use a chalk marker, and you can get them practically anywhere. I got mines from Target.



Here are just two $1 containers for my sweet condiments and an emptied salsa jar that holds my food colorings.


 I have used this method for a while. I enjoy labeling with chalk labels sooo much. If you can not get the labels, simply get chalkboard contact paper and customize it as you please. I bought mason jars chalk lids for my tea herbs (got  mines from JoAnn’s).


I use a glass bottle for the oils in use, the ones that are not, are kept in their original container. I only use olive oil and extra virgin. Some times vegetable oil for some recipes.

 Lazy Susans save lots of space.


Again, not a fan of keeping boxes but with coupons I get the pasta so inexpensive that I have to keep boxes.
imageAll cereal are kept in these. Kept on a low level so my boys can have easy access to them
wpid-2014-09-04-22.20.14.png.pngUse baskets and other unusual storage items in your pantry, make it fun and very YOU!


These is how I keep my boys’ snacks. Again, stored in a lower level for them. The “snacks” label is actually a drink coaster turned label, lol.
Use the vertical space of your pantry.
My onions, potatoes and garlic
Other snacks also have a home. I store my rice in another container like this one.


As you can see there are no excuses for keeping you pantry in check!, play with it, change it, change it again but most importantly, it has to represent you and be done with love.

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