Back to School: DIY Notebooks Covers

My lovely, beautiful and talented 13 years old niece, Kristina, has crafting in her genes! and she started school yesterday in her native Canada. She didn’t settle to stay with her regular spiral notebooks, oh no!, she made a super simple change to all of them. Chiro (as I call her), changed all the covers and boy!, does it look great and of course, I had to share her idea with my casa lovers! Enjoy♡
~ card stock paper
~ 3 hole puncher
~ good scissors
~ X-Acto knife
~ glue stick
~ and of course, the spiral notebooks
– make holes to the card stock paper. 
image-measure well your card stock paper with the notebooks as Chiro is doing here (Look at her lovely hands!,♡♡)


-put lots of glue to the front and back of the notebooks
– try to be precise when you place the card stock on top the notebooks and make sure all holes are in place

…and viola!, as my multilingual Chiro could say! (really, she is!, she speaks Spanish, French & English.. (let me brag about her!!!!). I really think did a phenomenal job. Je t’aime Chiro!.

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