Back to School: Teacher’s Cute Presents♡♡

I really believe that when our kid’s teachers feel appreciated, their treatment towards our kids is better. I am not saying you have to give presents all the time, but I give them one at the beginning of the school year to make them feel special. Remember, these wonderful people don’t get pay ENOUGH for what they do and us as parents should reach out to give them [If we can] a little treat. All the presents you see in this post are less than $5.00 bucks!, yes!!. Enjoy!


 A coffee mug from the dollar store, along with highlighters


The set of sharpies was $1.69 at Shoprite, after coupons. (yes, I am a coupon mom!)


An eraser with two dry eased markers $3.12 Walmart


 Whenever you see washi tape on special, buy it!!!, it gives everything a nicer look!


 Thank you notes!, teachers love and need thank you notes! $1.18 TJ Maxx (clearance). I stuck up on these all the time.


 $1.00 container @ Target


 $2.00 TJ Maxx



These two are from the $1.00 section @ Target but the composition notebook was .50 cents @ Shoprite



 Super cute chalk!


A Stamp with the teacher’s last name initial$1.79 @ JoAnn’s after coupons


 A combination of sharpies, highlighters and dry eased markers.


 A candle from the Jennifer Lopez Collection @ Kohls $4.66


 English Tea @ TJ Maxx $4.00

Thank you sooo much for reading this post!!!!! Happy school year for all our wonderful babies!!!!


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