No Reupholster Needed!

A few years ago we bought an antique 6 chairs dining set that I fell head over heels for but my lovely set had only  one problem… the seats fabric was PINK!!!! and first, I don’t like pink and second, it did not go with my kitchen colors so I was left with decorating around those pink chairs. I did want to reupholster because its expensive, so I came across Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (in Old White) that can be used on fabric, so here it is!!


Materials: painters tape, 2 paint brushes, spray bottle with water and a lightly wet towel or rag (to wipe excess paint).


* Tape the edges of the chair with painter’s tape. Then, moist the fabric with a spray bottle, don’t make it so wet, lightly moist.


*Once you have poured the paint on a container, add a little bit of water, the more water you pour the less the paint will stick, so only a little at a time.


*I used to brushes, a regular painters brush and a smaller brush (to paint the edges). I did the edges first. Don’t worry about making a mess on the wood because all you have to do is wipe off with the towel or rag.

* Apply the first coat of paint and let the chair dry for about an hour; once the first coat is dry, do coats (with less water then the first coat) up to your chair looks like you wanted to look. In my case I did 3 coats, the last one being without water. PS: the fabric will feel a bit rough but once you start using it, the fabric softens.



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