Gallery Wall on a Budget

I can not have just photos on my walls, I try to make my walls as fun and versatile as I can. For example, when my eldest makes me a drawing or a hand written note I frame them or hang them. For me that is art for sure and most importantly, it makes him feel super special to see his art displayed around our home.
See below some of my wall decor.


To hold my son’s drawings I hanged a clipboard on the wall.


This one is an opened back frame with two folders and wire to hang items. I also put cardboard on the back of the folders to be able to use punching pins.




This is a reduced copy of an autographed Nate Berkus book. I also like to hang photos with fabric ribbons.


I love bridges, don’t know why, especially the Brooklyn bridge. I took this picture a few years ago.



I found this shadow box without the glass which was good for me and paid $2 for it at TJ Maxx…of course!
1. The key to our first apartment, lol.
2.  Card stock paper with both my son’s birth times.
3. A bracelet my eldest made when he was 3.
4. A momentum from my son’s pre k graduation.
5. A note with the first time my son wrote I love you  to me.
6. A pin from my favorite HS teacher.

As you can see you don’t need much to start a meaningful wall gallery. Just gather your items and photos and start playing with them. I got most my frames from Ikea.

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2 thoughts on “Gallery Wall on a Budget

  1. You have lots of things with meaning on your walls! I love that idea … not just pretty pictures but meaningful items!

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