Dining Room Table Centerpieces DIY

Hi Casa lovers!. One of my dear friends asked me recently if I could help her with an idea for her dining room table and I took pieces from home to make several options. I came up with 11 and I wanted to share them with you. They are numbered so I can give you more details on them.

Note: I love fresh flowers but to keep them fresh can be a bit of a hassle, so I bought faux ones at Michael’s, several hydrangeas and one orchid.


Important: You want to always have a table runner; in this case I wanted a white one but could not find it, so I bought a white kitchen curtain panel, folded it in half and taped it with fabric tape.

1. Wood tray that I painted grey / polka dots gift wrapping paper / a cooking book (you can get a color book that goes with your kitchen decor)/ a candle / a faux hydrangea on a drink shaker.

2. Two hurricanes with candles /  a photo frame with gift wrapping paper / same hydrangea as #1 (whenever you have more than one item that is the same, group them, it will give the decor a more cohesive and elegant look).

3. A silver tray / a faux mercury glass vase with another hydrangea (you can easy see tons of these type of vases at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s).

4. Big cutting board / candles /  a large round vase with a faux orchid plant.


5. Grey tray covered with stripped fabric / a red kitchen utensils holder with a hydrangea / a silver napkins holder.

6. Two emptied and cleaned wine bottles with a decorative tape line on the grey tray.

7.  Grey tray / a silver hot food holder / a faux mercury glass tall vase with two hydrangeas.

8. Same vase as #7 /  DIY photo frame with candles


9. A DIY cake stand (I will do a post on a how to soon, lol!) / some of our own opened  with corks / candles.

10.  Grey tray with gifted wrapped / two vases with hydrangeas.

11.  Grey tray / three vases with hydrangeas.


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