Drawers Organization

I love going to the Container Store but my pocket gets really sad with some of their prices, so when it comes to drawers organization I have been using the same method for a very long time. My method is super simple and most important, inexpensive. Whenever we buy shoes, I save the shoe boxes; the reason for this is because they help me keep our drawers neat and organized. All items have a home and they don’t have to be looking for a place to live, lol.

Important Note: The way you fold the clothes helps take more advantage of the space when using boxes. Here are some of our drawers.

These are 2  of my husband’s drawers



These next 3 are my eldest 




These last ones are my youngest 





4 thoughts on “Drawers Organization

  1. It’s amazing how organized you can be with things you already have! I have a hard time throwing away boxes that seem like they could be useful … like an iPad box … there’s gotta be a use for that … I also love the Sunny D boxes from Costco … perfect for putting papers in for different projects! I spied Thomas pajamas in one of those drawers … memories;0)

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