Decorate with your own Books!

I can not stress this enough!, incorporate your own books into your home decor. Nothing tells a story like your own home and how proud it will make you feel once you start playing with the decor and this is where your owns books come in.
You can buy random books and decorate with them but I truly recommend to use your own. In my case, I read a LOT and  since I take the train to work, the time I have with a book is sacred and precious to me. Now most of the time I get the books from the library and if it’s a book I want to own, I just get it and make it part of my home story.


 Here I have two decorative boxes from the Nate Berkus Target collection (my favorite decorator!), two books and a small frame. Decorative boxes are a great help because you can store things you want to have handy but don’t want them to become clutter. I don’t only put photos in frames, in this case these are important numbers for me so I simply printed the numbers. See  below what’s inside the bigger box.



If I don’t like the cover of a book, I just take gift wrap paper and change it and then write the title with a sharpie.



Also, I like to elevate lamps with books; I put gift wrap in the tray for a more elegant look and as you can see, books are not meant only to be in a book case, give them the love and care they deserve.

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2 thoughts on “Decorate with your own Books!

  1. I love the idea of covering the books you don’t necessarily like the look of! They look great! I use books to decorate too!!!

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