Let’s talk ice!

I always, always have ice inside my fridge, but I don’t pour ice on all drinks. For example, ice tea; I usually have a pitcher of unsweetened ice tea in the refrigerator with lemons or limes inside. The reason I don’t put sugar from the beginning is because I rather put it once is on the glass; even when I have guests over, I will just bring the sugar separate so they can use the amount the prefer.

Now, when it comes to the ice for our ice tea what I do is that I make extra ice tea and simply pour it in cute, awesome ice cube containers {in this case, these are from Ikea and I think they cost .99 cents each}. I do this because when regular ice melts it makes the drinks watery and you don’t want that. Unlike this ice, when it melts is just ice tea, also kids love to see these cute shapes in their drinks, I know mine do!


Note: I always keep my ice inside ziploc bags.


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